To accompany veterinarians by digitizing animal tracking tools.


How to improve the digital transition of the different actors of the veterinary sector in an efficient and proactive way?


The application Equ’Institut aims to support veterinarians in their daily work, clinic or mobility by ensuring better monitoring of animals through a digital health record.

Specifically, by retrieving information during a temperature chip scan, we allow veterinarians to easily obtain the status of the animal. He can then manage the monitoring of the treatment and be assisted in the decision-making. The application can also be used by actors in the meat industry or competitions to verify the treatments followed by animals.


At first, the application made for Equ’Institut focuses on horses. It is connected with the services of the IFCE (French Institute of Horse and Riding) and the Order of Veterinarians to allow an exchange of information with the official authorities.

In the medium term, the application will also manage other species (calf, dog, cat) but also add new features. These new tools may be help with blood tests, the establishment of pre-diagnostics and the facilitation of administrative management (prescriptions …) for veterinarians.