Smart, connected marking solution that guarantees the safety of workers on all types of worksites.



Many accidents occur each year on construction sites.
The causes of accidents are varied: incomplete or non-explicit safety markings, lack of knowledge of the danger, confusion, inattention, etc.


What if a construction site could speak and warn the workers when a danger is near?
`` Warning ! This area is dangerous! ``
It is for this purpose that we propose a mobile connected solution to geolocate and alert employees as soon as they are in an unauthorized or dangerous area.


With a 100% nomadic system, worksite managers can define potentially dangerous areas in a few minutes.
As soon as a technician equipped with a beacon approaches or crosses these zones, he receives an audible warning.
In case of inactivity, his colleagues are automatically informed of his position to assist him.



The KYPSAFE solution works in full autonomy, thanks to a local network. Thus, employees are warned of a danger outdoors, indoors or even underground.
The system responds to many use cases encountered on construction sites or industrial maintenance sites that are not open to the public.

KYPSAFE is to date the most comprehensive solution available on the market. We market a unique product, which systematically responds to 7 use cases.