As a personal travel companion, IDVizit offers personalized, fun and interactive tours!


Tourist information available for a city or a very important place and available in mass. The research and the selection of services or activities original and adapted to the needs and constraints (with or without children, time available, means of transport, desires, weather, …) of the visitors require an effort and an important time.
On the other hand, tourist reception structures, as well as tourist offices, can not accompany or advise visitors. This is the time of the day and offers a personal personal assistance.


IDVIZIT, a service that allows visitors to find suggestions for ultra-personalized activities or tourist services.
Through an application, they can enjoy original courses, discovering nuggets and local secrets of each territory and each place to enjoy a playful and interactive visit experience.


Via the mobile application, after having defined his profile and his desires, the user can choose from a selection of personalized courses (according to his tastes, the weather, his available time, …). The visitor is no longer looking for content, it is only the most relevant content that comes to him!
Throughout the course, he receives notifications allowing him to discover the places on which it is through additional content (video, games, anecdotes, …).
The desires of visitors evolve during their stay? In a few seconds, they can indicate it to IDVizit who immediately offers them a new suggestion of personalized content and perfectly adapted to the desires of the moment!